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Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour


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2001-2002 Game Summaries

Quest for the Cup...

Game1: at Dallas..4 Nashville..1
Eddie faced 19 shots and had 18 saves. His save percentage was 94.7 for the night. Goals came from Ronning(Nashville) and Zubov in the first period. Second period scoring was helped by Nieuwendyk and Morrow. Third period scoring was by Morrow again!

Game2: Dallas..0 at Carolina..3
Eddie faced 28 shots and had 25 saves. Goals came from Vasicek in the first period, Gelinas in the second period, and O'Neill in the third period. Thank goodness the guys come home for game 3!

Game3: at Dallas..2 Los Angeles..1
Eddie was incredible last night, facing 26 shots and making 25 saves. Goals came from Palffy in the first period, Lehtinen in the second and third periods. Thanks to Turgeon's first-period giveaway, Eddie was unable to get a shutout. Is Turgeon going to be another Sydor in the giveaway department?

Game4: Dallas..1 Vancouver..4
Marty was in net for the Stars tonight. Marty faced 19 shots and had 16 saves for the night. Klatt scored in the first period. Nieuwendyk tied it up for the Stars in the third period. However, Vancouver came back strong with 2 more goals from Klatt and Cooke, before Naslund scored an empty netter. I have to congratulate Hitchcock. It took only a handful of games this year to create chaos on the bench. I guess he can't learn from his previous mistakes. Last year he insisted on screwing around with the defensive pairings. This year he is doing it with the forwards. I can't keep up with the lines and I'm merely watching the game. How are the forwards going to create any chemistry amongst themselves if they switch partners not just every game, but every shift?

Game5: at Dallas..3 Calgary..4 OT
First period scoring came from Hogue and Modano. Second period scoring came from Boughner and Begin. In the third, Modano scored again. Gauthier tied the score on a four-man rush with the Stars on a power play. The game-winning goal came from Conroy in OT. The Stars looked strong in the first period. Too bad there are 3 periods in a regulation game. Eddie looked great dispite the loss, facing 32 shots and making 28 saves.

Game6: Dallas..2 at St.Louis..2 OT
Scoring came from Modano in the first period. Followed by two power-play goals by Tkachuck and Demitra. The third period had Lehtinen tying up the game. Eddie faced 32 shots on goal and made some crucial save to keep the Stars in the game for the point earned. He had to really work in OT as the Blues blasted him with pucks, especially in the final minute of play.

Game7: at Dallas..3 Phoenix..1
Marty played his second game and came off with a win, facing 21 shots and making 20 saves. Second period scoring came from Mara for Phoenix. Turgeon then scored his first two goals of the season both on the powerplay within 1 minute of each other. Van Allen sealed the deal in the third period with an empty-net goal at the end of the game.

Game8: at Dallas..2 Chicago..2 OT
Eddie has been looking strong in net, unfortunately the Stars can't seem to capitalize on their scoring opportunities. First period scoring came from Morrow. In period 2, Chicago tied it up with a goal from Calder. Period 3 scoring came from Verbeek and Housley. Eddie faced 32 shots and made 30 saves.

Game 9: Dallas..2 at Pittsburgh..3
Scoring for Dallas came in the first period by Muller and Nieuwendyk. Pittsburgh scored with a goal from Rozsival. The second and third period had Pittsburgh scoring with goals from Wilson and Richer. Dallas came out strong and had total control of the first period. Pittsburgh after the 1st intermission came out focused and determined and it showed. Meanwhile, Dallas lost focus and control over the game. It was also Eddie's weakest performance of the season. Currently, Dallas is winless on the road!

Game10: Dallas..5 at Detroit..3
Eddie worked hard facing 45 shots for the first win on the road for the Stars. In the first period Nieuwendyk opened up the scoring for Dallas. Period two was a battle for the puck. Van Allen made it a two-goal lead. Detroit wouldn't be denied for long. Robitaille got Detroit on the scoreboard, followed by Zubov(Dallas) and then by Lidstrom. In the third, Audette scored his first goal wearing a Stars' jersey. With Turgeon scoring as well. Kuznetsov scored for Detroit, but it was too little too late.

Game11: Dallas..2 at New York Islanders..3 OT
The Stars faced another shoot fest with Marty facing 46 shots! Webb scored the first goal for New York, but Zubov had an answer for the Islanders. In the second period, Lagenbrunner scored his first goal of the season. Yashin tied the game with a goal as well. In overtime, Peca had the game winner.

Game12: Dallas..2 at New York Rangers..4
Hopefully the Stars were thoroughly embarrased by their lackluster performance tonight. Morrow scored the first goal for Dallas in the first period. York scored on yet another miscue from the Stars to tie the game. In the second period Turgeon scored. However, that wasn't nearly enough to beat this bad New York team. York scored a second goal with McCarthy and Van Impe following. The rate Dallas is going, Eddie will never get the franchise record for wins. I think maybe at the next home game, my two dogs should lace up. They can't play any worse defense than what I am presently seeing in this team!

Game13: at Dallas..3 Detroit..4 OT
The first period was filled with scoring from both teams due to the lack of aggressive defense. Lehtinen scored a short-handed goal early in the first period. Detroit came back within 1 minute to tie the game on the power play from Fedorov. Midway through the first period three more goals were scored (Audette, Hull, and Shanahan). Hogue tied up the game with a goal late in the period. The second and third period had no more scoring from either team. In the first minute of overtime, Hull scored the winning goal.

Game14: at Dallas..3 Nashville..0
Eddie recorded his first shutout of the season (58th career shutout). Although Dallas came up with the win, many defensive mistakes were still made. Audette scored in the first period. Modano scored in the second and third periods.

Game15: Dallas..1 at Nashville..4
Within 24 hours, Nashville regrouped and came up with a winning formula. Nieuwendyk had Dallas' only goal of the game which was delivered at 18:17 in the first period. Nashville came back after the first period strong with a pair of goals by Yachmenev and Arkhipov. They showed no mercy in the third with another goal by Fitzgerald and an empty-net goal by Walker. GO STARS!!!

Game16: at Dallas..2 San Jose..2 OT
Dallas lead the way in the first period with a goal by Lehtinen (Eddie got an assist). San Jose would not be outdone. In the second period Thornton scored on a defensive blunder made by Matvichuk and then another by Hatcher. Zubov scored on a power play to give Dallas the lead. However, on a turnover (again) Nolan scored while San Jose was shorthanded. In true form, the third period was none eventful. Hitchcock had the guys playing for a tie. Eddie made 27 wonderful saves!

Game17: at Dallas..1 Phoenix..5
To say Marty had an off night would be an understatement. Turco faced 23 shots and made 18 saves. First period scoring came from Audette and Doan (Phoenix). Phoenix scored twice more in the second period with easy shots (Kolanos and Lemieux). In the third period, Phoenix scored two more goals with easy shots to Marty (Mara and Briere). Although the score doesn't reflect it, the defense stepped up and made a great effort for Dallas.

Game 18: Dallas..2 at Anaheim..2 OT
Eddie looked sharp as the Stars tied the game late in the third period. Anaheim scored at the halfway point in the first with a goal by Leclerc (deflected off Matvichuck's stick). Nieuwendyk helped out the Stars' cause by scoring in the second period. Friesen scored on a shot that would have been an easy save by Eddie, but at the last moment Sydor used his stick in an attempt to break up the play. Instead he misdirected the puck to go in net. Lehtinen tied the game with 5 minutes left in regulation. Even though the Stars had countless opportunities in OT, Shields and the Ducks were able to sustain the tie. The Stars really came on strong during the last two periods and in OT. Bad luck on the defensemen's part caused the loss and what would be Eddie's second shutout for the season.

Game19: Dallas..4 at Los Angeles..3
Eddie faced 27 shots and had 24 saves for the night. Modano came back after a 2-game absence with an opening goal in the first period. In the second period, Nieuwendyk scored two goals within 58 seconds during 4 on 4. Deadmarsh answered back on a goal in the second. The goal was actually scored by Matvichuk. The Kings came back strong in the third period to tie us with two goals by Allison. Modano would not be denied and scored for the second time in the game to give Dallas the edge.

Game 20: Dallas..3 at San Jose..2 OT
Believe it or not, Hatcher started Dallas' scoring in the game with a goal in the first period (assisted by Kamensky and Dimaio). San Jose came back to tie the game in the second period with a goal by Sundstrom. Each team scored one more goal in regulation to tie the game in the third period. Dimaio was first for Dallas, followed by Nolan. The overtime goal was scored on a breakaway by Matvichuck and assisted by Hatcher and Nieuwendyk. Eddie faced 29 shots and made 27 saves.

Game 21: at Dallas..2 New York Islanders..3
New York came out scoring in the first with goals by Yashin (2) and Isbister. The goal credited to Isbister was actually a beautiful shot by Dallas' own defenseman, Hatcher. Dallas tried to come back with second period scoring by Nieuwendyk and third period scoring by Matvichuck, but it was too little too late.

Game 22: at Dallas..4 Carolina..4 OT
Dallas opened up the scoring with a first period goal by Modano. Second period scoring followed with Cole and Willis for Carolina. Verbeek tied the game on the power play. Third period scoring went back and forth between the two teams. First with Muller and Brindamour scoring. Morrow followed for a late go-ahead goal. Due to a breakdown in defense with less than two minutes in the game, Carolina's Battaglia scored.

Game 23: at Dallas..3 Philadelphia..3 OT
Dallas seemed happy to play for yet another tie. Gagne led the way for Philly with a first period goal. Brunet scored his first goal for Dallas in his first game as a Star in the second period. Manderville came back to answer late in the period. Third period scoring started with Muller followed by Philly's Ranheim. Nieuwendyk scored with an assist by Eddie (his second of the season).

Game 24: Dallas..4 at Minnesota..3
Dallas got a pair of goals in the first period by Nieuwendyk. Dowd answered with one goal in the first period as well. The second period went scoreless for both sides. In the third, Sekeras scored on the power play. Zubov answered with a pair of goals. Dupuis followed with a third goal for Minnesota, but Dallas held on to their lead.

Game 25: Dallas..3 at Calgary..0
Dallas for the first time of the season, played an entire 60 minutes! Brunet started the scoring for Dallas followed by Modano. Turgeon scored a power play goal to wrap things up in the third.

Game 26: Dallas..6 at Edmonton..4
Edmonton came out strong early in the first period with three quick goals to take a three goal lead (Carter scored the first two goals and Hecht the third). At the half way point in the first Dallas came back and scored two goals within 30 seconds (Rucinsky and Turgeon). Langenbrunner tied the game with 2 minutes to go in the period. In the second period Matvichuk scored on a power play to put Dallas ahead. In the third period, Lehtinen secured the lead on a power play goal. Edmonton continued to fight and scored (Brewer) making it a one-goal game. With less than a minute in the game, Langenbrunner scored an empty netter with Eddie on an assist (his third for the season). The win enabled Eddie to set another record. With only four full seasons with the Stars, Eddie set the franchise record for the most wins!

Game 27: Dallas..4 at Vancouver..2
It looks like Dallas is starting to hit its stride with another win last night in Vancouver! With some questionable calls from the officials early in the period, Eddie faced numerous shots on one penalty kill after another. On a two-man advantage, Linden scored at the 8:20 mark. With excellent netminding, Dallas was able to go to the locker room after the first period only down one goal. In period two, Dallas came out strong with a goal by Matvichuk with less than two minutes into the period. Modano also scored late in the period. Jovanovski came back for Vancouver early in the third period to tie the game. Rucinsky scored on the power play for the go ahead goal. Langenbrunner scored at the midway point in the third on a shorthanded goal to seal the deal. Eddie faced 27 shots.

Game 28: at Dallas..3 Ottawa..6
The Stars came back home after a strong road trip and got a reality check from the Senators. Dallas came out flat and stayed flat. Modano scored an unassisted goal early in the first with White answering back late in the period. Second period scoring was all Havlat scoring 2 goals for Ottawa. Ottawa continued strong in the third with Bonk and Alfredsson scoring. Modano answered back with his second goal of the night around the midway point in the third period. Fisher made a beautiful penalty shot against Turco to seal the deal. Verbeek scored his third goal of the season with only 30 seconds left in the game.

Game 30: at Dallas..5 Edmonton..0
Eddie should have played, but didn't.

Game 31: at Dallas..4 Buffalo..3
Marty started the game, but after allowing 2 soft goals early in the first period (Barnes and Kalinin), Eddie still with the flu, stepped in net. Modano continued his streak with scoring the first goal of the game. Lehtinen scored a power play goal within the first minute of the second period for the tie. Connolly scored for Buffalo to again take the lead. Langenbrunner would not be denied and tied the game. In the third period, Lehtinen scored the game winning goal with only minutes left in the game.

Game 32: at Dallas..3 Calgary..4
Dallas dominated the first period with two goals scored by Verbeek and Brunet(sh). Calgary answered back with a questionable goal by Clark as Eddie was clearly interfered with Calgary holding his stick and Eddie having to do a 360 in the crease. Unfortunately, Dallas only bothered to play the first 20 minutes of the game. With apathetic play in the defensive zone, offensive zone, and neutral zone, Calgary was able to score two quick goals (McAmmond and Savard). In the third period, down by one goal, Dallas refused to get into gear. Calgary scored again with less than 4 minutes to go in the game (Niedermayer). Hitchcock didn't bother to get Eddie out of net for a man advantage and wasted precious time off the clock. Modano scored with less than 40 seconds in the game, but Dallas came up short again. The roster may change, but the bottom line is that when you go to the game you don't know which Stars' team you will be seeing; the one that cares and plays hard for 60 minutes or the one that plays a minimal amount of the game and doesn't care about playing with heart.

Game 32: Dallas..6 at Phoenix..2
Dallas rolled over Phoenix with four goals in the first period (Kamensky scored twice, Lehtinen and Modano). In the second period Zubov scored on a power play ending his dry spell. Briere and May answered back for Phoenix, but is was too little too late. In the third, Rucinsky scored for Dallas' 6th goal of the night. I wonder what Dallas team will come out to play San Jose in two days...

Game 33: at Dallas..1 San Jose..4
The Stars looked pathetic last night as San Jose came to town with a purpose (to totally dominate and humiliate the Stars on home ice). Ricci and Selanne scored in the first period. Langenbrunner prevented the shutout in the second. Selanne and Matteau followed up in the third. Eddie had a strong performance despite the four goals. Dallas could not dominate any aspect of the game nor did they try. The Stars played strong hockey in the last 8 minutes of the second period. The other 52 minutes was pure apathy in motion. Teal and Black jerseys surrounded Eddie all night. Pucks were crossing the crease non stop. Whoever was in charge of the music at arena should have played the Harlem Globetrotters' theme music. Dallas looked that bad and San Jose definitely looked that good!

Game 34: Dallas..1 at Philadelphia..2
Eddie had another great performance, but the Stars could not pull out a win for him. Philadelphia opened the scoring with one goal in the first period (Murray). On a power play, Rucinsky evened the score. Primeau scored at the midway point of the period which is all that Philly needed to get the win. Eddie faced 29 shots and made 27 saves.

Game 35: Dallas..4 at Columbus..2
Jon Sim, who should always be wearing a Star uniform, opened the scoring early in the first. Columbus, playing with heart, scored on a goal by Aubin. Kamensky scored to put Dallas in the lead late in the first. Knutsen scored for Columbus in the second. Matvichuk scored late in the period to again give Dallas the lead at intermission. In the third, Modano scored on an empty net to finish off the blue jackets. Eddie was again in the zone, facing 29 shots and making 27 saves.

Game 36: Dallas..4 at Atlanta..1
Zubov scored the lone goal in the first on a power play. Atlanta came back in the second to tie on their own power play goal (Kallio). After the first 40 minutes, it was questionable if Dallas was going to pull out the win. Atlanta was holding their own. However, the third period Dallas dominated. With only 44 seconds gone in the period, Verbeek scored a power play goal. Muller and Langenbrunner also scored before the halfway point of the period. That was more than enough for the win.

Game 37: at Dallas..0 Colorado..2
Eddie is looking great in net for Dallas, but the team just doesn't seem to want to step up their game. The only scoring of the game came from to broken plays by Dallas. The first was a bad play by Sim which Colorado took advantage of by moving the puck all around the zone until Tanquay made a beautiful shot. Eddie didn't stand a chance! The second play was in the second period. Zubov mishandled the puck again and Colorado had a 3 on 1. Zubov's sidekick, Sydor stood there dazed and confused as two passes were completed in front of him. Again, Eddie didn't stand a chance. In the third, Eddie stopped a break away by Tanquay and another 3 on 1 breakaway. The Eagle has been working much too hard and his teammates haven't responded. Dallas was embarrased on home ice, yet again this season. They were humiliated and didn't come through for the home crowd. This was the first game that I have to agree with the local broadcasters. Dallas tried to finesse too much. They passed the puck 1 or 2 too many times, which allowed the AVS to defend the shoot when it finally came to the net. The Stars have got to realize that they are not a finesse team. At this point I don't think that they could finesse their way out of a paper bag!

Game 38: at Dallas..2 Washington..3 OT
Again, Dallas came up flat on home ice. The first period was scoreless for both teams. The scoring was led by Khristich for Washington and Hogue for Dallas. In the third period, Jagr scored a goal (5 on 3)to put Washington in the lead. Sim came back for Dallas to tie the game. In overtime, Dallas lost all of the energy they did have. Washington was unrelenting and finally scored on a shot by Klee.

Game 39: at Dallas..2 Boston..1
Lehtinen opened up the scoring with a power play goal in the first period. While Boston was shorthanded, Rolston scored on a breakaway in the second to tie the game. Dallas came back in the third period for the game winning goal by Nieuwendyk. Dallas won this game, but Boston made some great plays. It looked as thought the Bruins gave up with about 15 minutes left in the game, usually Dallas is the team that does that!

Game 40: at Dallas..2 Atlanta..1
Eddie pulled out a much needed win for the team in front of the home crowd. Mo achieved another milestone with his 400th goal. Way to go Mo! The game started slow with a scoreless first period. Atlanta opened up the game with a goal by Hrkac. Modano answered back four minutes later to tie the game. Nieuwendyk had the only goal in the third when Dallas went on a 5 minute power play thanks to Domenichelli's slashing major and game misconduct.

Game 41: Dallas..2 at St. Louis..5
Thank goodness this game was not televised! St. Louis had total control of the game at the drop of the first puck. Stillman opened up the scoring in the first period. Modano scored on an unassisted goal in the second. Young, Stillman, and Tkachuk all scored in the second period. In the third period, Stillman scored his hat trick with Sim scoring on a power play late in the game.

Game 42: Dallas..2 at Tampa Bay..1
All of the scoring in the game took place in the third period. Nieuwendyk scored in the first 21 seconds of the period. Modano followed 33 seconds later with the game-winning goal. Andreychuk scored Tampa's only goal in the last minute of the game.

Game 43: Dallas..3 at Florida..2
Eddie had another powerful performance in net. No scoring accord in the first period. Florida's Jokinen had a power play goal to open things up in the second period. Two minutes later Modano scored on a Dallas power play. In the third, Modano scored his second goal of the night on a spectacular shorthanded (5 on 3) goal. Jokinen again answered back with his second goal of the night. Langenbrunner scored the game winner with under 3 minutes left in regulation. With Modano making two powerful statements in the game and Eddie making his 5th assist in the season, the Stars outshined Florida for the win.

Game 44: Dallas..2 at Detroit..5
Shanahan started the massacre with two goals in the first period, the first was recorded before the three minute mark. Modano answered back with a power play goal to end the scoring in the first period. Maltby scored in the first minute of the second period followed by Yzerman on a power play goal. Modano scored his second of the game in the second. Larionov scored an empty net goal at the end of the game. The Stars looked awful and Marty found out that it isn't fun to play in net when your team is not playing and the opposition is the best in the league.

Game 45: Dallas..3 at Minnesota..1
Eddie was in net and took charge of the game with two great saves during the opening minute of the game. Modano scored at the 51 second mark of the first for the only score in the period. In the second period, Modano scored again to continue his streak. Morrow finally scored after a long dry spell in the third period on a break away. Sydor fell and ended up giving the puck to Minnesota in the defensive zone which ended up in a goal by Laaksonen. Eddie faced 26 shots and landed another win for the season.

Game 46: at Dallas..3 Detroit..2
Eddie and the team played a solid game at home! Dallas came out strong in the first period, but due to a breakdown in our zone, Detroit scored the first goal of the game (Devereaux). In the second period, Nieuwendyk tied up the game on an unbelieveable play that left Hasek dazed and confused. Dimaio scored a shorthanded goal with about 5 minutes left in the second. Nieuwendyk came back in the third to score his second goal of the night. Datsyuk scored Detroit's second goal when Dallas partially screened Eddie's view of the puck. Eddie faced 28 shots and made 26 saves. This was the last match up this season with Detroit. The 3 games Eddie played in, Dallas earned 5 of 6 points.

Game 47: at Dallas..2 Florida..3
The coaching made the difference in this game. Hitchcock made poor choices at the beginning of the game by scratching Manson and Helenius. The game was physical and Dallas stopped playing hockey and became more interested with fighting. Kozlov opened the scoring on a power play goal. In the second period, Muller answered back on Dallas' own power play goal. Nilson and Hagman scored as well. In the third period, Morrow scored on a power play goal, but it was too little too late. Hitchcock and the Stars' defensemen took the team out of the game.

Game 48: Dallas..2 at Chicago..3
Calder scored on a power play goal in the first period. Morrow scored late in the first on his own power play goal to tie it up at 1-1. Nieuwendyk scored during a collision with Verbeek to give Dallas its only lead of the game. Amonte scored on a goal that there was no stick contact, only a kicking motion with his skate. Even though Hitchcock watched the replay on the jumbotron, he didn't bother to question the call. In the third period, Sullivan scored on the go-ahead goal. Another great coaching effort. Way to go Hitch!

Game 49: Dallas..5 at Columbus..3
It was a high scoring game in the first period with Columbus refusing to give up. Nieuwendyk scored on the power play at 2:01. Shelley came back to tie it up only 40 seconds later. Brunet scored, ending a dry spell, only minutes later to put Dallas up by 1. Sloan tied the game for Columbus and Turgeon scored a late goal to put Dallas up again by 1. Harkins scored on a power play goal in the second to make it a 3-3 tie after two periods of play. Morrow scored the game winning goal 5 minutes into the third. Modano scored an empty netter with 27 seconds left in the game. Dallas pulled out the win, but had to work much harder than what they should have.

Game 50: at Dallas..2 Vancouver..4
Another loss at AAC. Another superb effort by Eddie that will surely go unnoticed because of the knuckleheaded play by his teammates. Eddie was under constant pressure throughout the game and only allowed 3 goals on 40 shots (many odd man rushes). Helmer and Morrison scored in the first with Sydor scoring his first goal of the season in the second (yippie). Klatt continued the scoring for Vancouver on a power play goal. Pellerin scored for Dallas with only 1:57 in the game. Naslund scored an empty netter with 44 seconds left. MR. GAINEY, PLEASE TRADE EDDIE TO A TEAM THAT IS WORTHY OF HIS TALENT AND WILL MAKE A REAL RUN FOR THE CUP!!!

Game 51: at Dallas..1 Anaheim..6
With the announcement earlier in the day that Hitchcock was fired, the Stars should have been on cloud nine. However, they "played" their worst hockey of the season (and that's saying a lot)! Titove, Cullen, and Kariya scored in the first period. Leclerc and Chouinard scored in the second period. Matvichuck scored on the power play to keep it from a shut out, yippie! Cullen scored again in the third period. COME ON BOYS, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES ON MONDAY!

Game 52: at Dallas..4 Columbus..2
Dallas played hard throughout the game to secure the win for their interim coach, Rick Wilson. Rucinsky and Matvichuck opened up the scoring in the first period. Quint scored a goal late on a power play as well. Marshall scored on a breakaway for the only goal in the second period. Dimaio scored the game winner with 7 minutes to go in the game and Pellerin had an empty netter to finish off Columbus. Eddie made sure to grab the puck for their new head coach...

Game 53: Dallas..1 at Nashville..2
Unfortunately, Dallas can't seem to get any offense going. Eddie had another strong game for the Stars but couldn't get the win. Arkhipov scored the only goal of the first period on a power play. Orszagh scored the only goal of the second period which put Nashville up by two. Verbeek answered back in the third, but it was too little too late.

Game 54: at Dallas..1 Edmonton..1 OT
Dallas played their finest overall game this year. There was no scoring in the first or second periods. Langenbrunner scored with only 6.5 minutes left in the game. Eddie missed his shutout with a cheering crowd standing with only 23 seconds left in the game. A deflected puck by Smyth caused the game to go into overtime. Neither team scored in OT.

Game 55: Dallas..5 at Anaheim..1
Dallas got revenge on Anaheim, thanks to Eddie playing solid in the first period. Lehtinen scored a power play goal with only one minute left in the first. Dimaio and Morrow each added to the total in the second period. Leclerc answered back with Anaheim's only goal. Modano scored also in the second period. Zubov finished the scoring on a power play. Eddie made 34 saves for the much deserved win.

Game 56: Dallas..1 at Los Angeles..2
The only score in the first period came on a power play goal by Deadmarsh. Even though Dallas dominated the ice in the second period, neither team scored. In the third period, Dallas again came out strong. On a broken play, Palffy scored and put the Kings up by two. Turgeon scored with only 36 seconds left in the game but it was too little, too late. Dallas had numerous scoring chances, but either could not place the shot on net, or went low on Potvin for some easy saves.

Game 57: at Dallas..4 New York Rangers..2
With each game under Wilson's guidance, the Stars are getting more focused and playing more consistantly than they have in two seasons. Last night was another strong team effort. Lindros scored the only goal in the first period. Turgeon scored early in the second period with a beautiful pass from Gilchrist. Barnaby scored for New York to put them ahead. On a power play, Lehtinen scored to tie at the end of two periods. In the third period, Modano and Nieuwendyk scored at one end while Eddie made some spectacular game saves at the other end of the ice.
Game58:  Dallas..1  at Phoenix..5
What a disappointment!  The Stars were really coming together since Rick Wilson came on board.  They were playing smarter and with heart.  Unfortunately, it looks like all has been lost during the Olympic break.  This game doesn't deserve a recap!  It is coming down to the wire and we need every point.  Come on you guys, now is the time to PLAY!
Game 59:  Dallas..4  at Vancouver..3  OT
Dallas ended up getting two much needed points, even if it wasn't pretty for much of the time during the game.  Questionable calls and non calls were taking place each minute of the game.  At one time, there were even two pucks active during a shift.  Turgeon and Maclean scored Dallas' first two goals early in the period.  Vancouver came back and scored on a power play goal and on a break away tied up the game.  Eddie was blamed for both goals and sat out the rest of the game.  Marty came in net and Vancouver scored on another power play to take the lead in the first period.  In the second period, Maclean scored on a pass by Muller.  The shot looked more like a baseball swing, but the shot was a winner.  Modano scored the overtime goal with only one second left in the game.
Game 60:  Dallas..2  at Colorado..1
Dallas got two points from the usual tough playing AVS.  Modano started the scoring in the first period with a shorthanded goal in the first period.  Maclean got the game-winning goal in the second period.  Sakic scored Colorado's only goal in the third.  Dallas played well, but Colorado didn't look like they were working too hard against us and they did have some injuries to deal with.
Game 61:  at Dallas..4  San Jose..1
Turgeon and Langenbrunner scored the only goals of the first period, only 37 seconds apart.  Nolan scored the sharks only goal in the second period.  Hatcher scored in the second as well.  Nieuwendyk scored to finish off the sharks in the third period.  Although Dallas won, I was disappointed in San Jose's play.  I look forward to an exciting game between these two teams and the game did not deliver.  San Jose did not come to play, and I wonder if the top teams simply don't respect the Stars and don't bother to play against us.  Whatever the reason, the match up was not an exciting one as in previous years, but we will gladly take the two points!
Game 62:  at Dallas..3  Los Angeles..2  OT
Lehtinen scored in the first and Matvichuck scored in the second period.  Deadmarsh scored in the second.  Palffy scored on a power play goal late in the third period to tie the game.  Morrow scored the game winning goal in OT.  ***Eddie was again denied ice time!  Eddie looks like he has become a victim of circumstance.  After his participation in the Olympics, he met up with the team in Phoenix on game day.  Rick Wilson decides to play Eddie that game, even though he hasn't practiced with the team in weeks.  The Stars looked tired and unmotivated even though only 5 players went to the Olympics.  Two days later, Ricky again pulls Eddie after 2 goals being scored in Vancouver.  The first was a power play goal in which he was totally screened and not only didn't see the puck, but most likely didn't see who had the puck.  The second goal, was on a defensive breakdown.  Ricky later admitted that he probably shouldn't have pulled Eddie.  Now Eddie sits in the locker room and watches the Stars on the big screen TV.  Dallas management insists that Eddie is still #1.  I guess since he hasn't played a full game since February 13, they want him to stay well rested until the playoffs begin April 17.  Anyone who believes that Eddie is going to see any significant ice time with Dallas in the near future, can have my Stanley Cup Final tickets featuring Atlanta and Columbus!  ***
Game 63:  at Dallas..3  Minnesota..5
Everything was going Dallas' way in the first period.  Minnesota was only able to put 3 shots on goal and Turgeon put the Stars on the board 1-0.  The 30 minutes of the game were extremely boring to watch.  I think the refs were even getting board with the game.  Midway through the second period, Minnesota went on a 5 on 3 pp and Gaborik scored.  Morrow came back with one minute remaining in the second period and scored making it 2-1.  With only 4.6 seconds left in the period, Hendrickson scored to tie the game.  In the third period, Brunette and Lehtinen each scored for a 3-3 tie.  At the midpoint in the period, Roest scored the game winner and Dupuis scored an empty net goal to assure the win.
Game 64:  at Dallas..0  New Jersey..3
Eddie came out ready to play after not playing at home since February 13.  Unfortunately the rest of the team lacked energy, power, and desire to attempt to salvage this season.  In the first period, Eddie was blasted with numerous shots but turned them all away.  Even though Dallas couldn't move the puck down the ice, they were still in the game after the first period.  Albelin scored the first goal (a game winner) which was deflected off Hatcher's skate.  Brylin scored a power play goal with 9 seconds left in the second period (Holik had a perfect screen).  Gionta scored the last goal of the game in the third period, but the game was over before it had begun.  ***Hatcher made a comment to the press two weeks ago that some of the players didn't care about the rest of the season and had already given up.  Last week after a few wins, the team seemed to be picking up the pace and had a desire to win.  After the Minnesota loss, the team looks again like they have lost the desire to play and win.  Too bad that this may have been Eddie's last home game as a Star and this is the send off his teammates have given him.  He deserves better.***
Game 65:  Dallas..5  at Washington..2
Eddie has an awesome game last night and was able to get the Stars back on track.  After making some spectacular saves, Sydor scored the first goal of the game, a power play goal, at 7:03 in the first period.  Lehtinen scored on an unbelieveable shift at 17:08.  Washington made it a game at 19:00 with Khristich scoring.  In the second period, Zubov scored the only goal of the period.  Nikolishin scored in the third period for Washington.  Morrow scored on a power play goal for Dallas and Muller topped off the night with an empty netter.
Game 66:  Dallas..3  at Montreal..3 OT
Eddie had another solid performance in net.  In the first period, Modano was on fire and dominated play.  He scored the first goal of the game at 4:17.  Dallas was looking unstoppable until Sydor made an error at the blue line which caused a two-man rush on Eddie.  Perreault tied the game.  In the second period, Modano made some un-Modano like plays which caused the Habs to go up 3-1.  The first critical mistake was an error at the blue line, which caused Dackell to score a shorthanded goal.  The second mistake was also in the second period, a deflection, which Hossa scored on.  The Stars came back to tie the game in the third with a goal from Lehtinen and Lukowich.
Game 67:  Dallas..5  at Toronot..5 OT
Muller opened up the scoring for Dallas at 6:19 in the first period.  Reichel came back with a goal of his own on a power play at 16:28.  In the second period Pellerin and Morrow scored less than two minutes apart.  Not to be out done, Reichel and Valk scored 23 seconds apart which caused Turco to be yanked from the game after Toronto gained the momentum they needed.  At the end of the second period, Sundin scored during a 5 on 3 power play.  Morrow came back in the third to tie the game 4-4.  Roberts scored to again put the Leafs up, but Hatcher scored at 11:07 for the 5-5 tie.  Eddie made some spectacular saves, especially during OT.
Game 68:  Dallas..2  at Chicago..2 OT
Chicago's Zhamnov scored early in the first period to give Chicago the lead.  On the power play at 13:12, Nieuwendyk scored to tie the game.  Dallas went on a 5 on 3 power play with 5 seconds left in the first period.  During the 5 on 3 and the remaining 5 on 4, Dallas didn't get a single shot on goal.  Spacek scored at 10:23 in the second period.  Late in the third period, Hatcher scored to tie the game.  Eddie faced a total of 27 shots and made several crucial saves in the game for Dallas to pick up a point.
Game 69:  at Dallas..3  St. Louis..2
Dallas played an excellent game against St. Louis, considering this was the first game with out Joe or Jamie.  Zubov started the scoring in the second period with a power play goal.  Khavanov answered back with a goal of his own 5 minutes later.  St. Louis pulled ahead on a power play goal by Ferraro.  Matvichuk scored Dallas' second goal with 5 minutes left in the second period.  The play was set up by Eddie leading the way with an awesome poke check.  Kirk Muller had the game winning goal early in the third period.  Randy McKay had a great game, with two assists.  Not bad for his first game in a Stars' jersey!
Game 70:  at Dallas..4  Phoenix..3
Dallas had no business winning this game after being manhandled by Phoenix all night long, but the Stars pulled out the win in the last minute and 14 seconds of the game.  Numminen and Doan started Phoenix off with a comfortable two goal lead.  Muller scored on a power play goal at 12:05 in the first period.  In the third period, Langkow scored early in the period.  Dallas came back to make it a game again on a goal by Modano.  At 18:46 Dallas scored again on Gilchrists shot to make the game tied.  Thirty-six seconds later, Morrow scored the game winning goal. 
Game 71:  at Dallas..1  Anaheim..2
Well, you knew the bubble had to burst for the Stars after two great home wins.  Rucchin scored in the second period because of a bad bounce off the boards which left Eddie out of net for an easy goal on the power play.  Bylsma had the game winning goal by Anaheim in the third period, because of Dallas' lack of interest to play defense.  Muller scored Dallas' only goal against the Ducks, but it was too little too late.
Game 72:  Dallas..2  at San Jose..3
Dallas lost another much needed victory last night.  Eddie made some fantastic saves throughout the game, especially in the first period.  Graves scored the first goal for San Jose early in the second period on a broken defensive play.  Modano came back to tie the game late in the period.  In the third period, Marleau scored early in the period on another broken defensive play by Sydor.  Thornton scored a minute later on a power play goal.  Eddie was screened and didn't see the shot coming through the crease, and again there wasn't a single Stars player within 5 feet of the crease.  Zubov scored a late goal, but it didn't matter.  The Stars had already given up the two points and were not there to play in the third.  It is strange how only a few players seem to give it their best effort, while others don't seem to want to work for a win.  This game basically put the Stars out of the Pacific Division race and with the remaining games the real concern is if they even make the playoffs.
Game 73:  Dallas..2  at Calgary..2 OT
Dallas pulled out a much needed point in Calgary and were lucky to do so.  During the first two periods of play, the Stars looked like they were so afraid of making a mistake that they couldn't skate.  Hatcher had an amazing game and made several blocked shots that were sure to be goals.  Conroy had the only goal in the first period, a short handed goal.  In the second period, Conroy again scored on a power play goal.  Third period scoring was reserved for the Stars.  Dimaio and Turgeon went on a rampage late in the game for a tie.
Game 74:  Dallas..1  at Edmonton..3
Eddie was in Dallas nursing a bad back so Marty took the netminding duties for the game.  Marty played a solid game, but with a questionable goal late in the game, the Stars lost to their rivals and are nearly eliminated from the playoff picture for the year.  Mathematically, the Stars still could see post season play but with the remaining schedule it looks impossible.  Dallas opened the scoring in the second period with a power play goal by Turgeon.  With Dallas going into period three with the lead, it looked promising for Dallas.  However, Edmonton had other plans and early in the third period scored on a shot by Smith.  Comrie scored on a questionable goal with only 57 seconds left in the game.  Marchant then scored an empty net goal 14 seconds later to finish off the Stars.  This loss also ended the Stars streak at 50 game wins when leading after the second period.
Game 75:  at Dallas..3  Columbus..1
First period scoring was a shorthanded goal by Dimaio (assisted by Modano and Hatcher).  Second period scoring started with a power play goal by Arnott, his first as a Star.  Less than two minutes later he followed up for a repeat.  Columbus' Wright scored the Blue Jackets only goal of the game.  As to be expected, Dallas won an easy game.  Eddie was still out with a bad back and didn't even suit up.  Let's hope he gets back in net for St. Louis.  There are only 4 home games left and I would love to see Eddie play in all of them.
Game 76:  at Dallas..1  St. Louis..2  OT
This game mirrored the entire Stars' season.  Eddie played brilliantly in a must-win game.  Too bad the rest of the team didn't want to work for the win.  St. Louis totally dominated the game.  After a scoreless first period, Dallas only had one shot on goal.  McKay had Dallas' only goal early in the second period.  Eastwood scored 8 minutes later to tie things up.  In the third period, Dallas had several missed opportunities to score the game-winning goal on ineffective power plays.  Even with a man advantage in OT, Dallas still only managed one shot on goal.  Demitra scored the game-winning goal when Sim ran into Eddie in the crease and the puck went in the net.  If you are only a casual Dallas observer and looked strictly at stats, you would say that Eddie was washed up.  Again at the risk of repeating myself, this game was the defining game of the season (a must-win game, a conference rival, a home crowd, Eddie doing everything he could for a win except scoring a goal, and lack of desire, heart, chemistry, and communication from the forwards and dmen to do their jobs).  Yes, this was another valiant effort from my man which only results in another loss recorded for the year.  Eddie faced 32 shots during the game!
Game 77:  at Dallas..3  Colorado..1
Dallas came out on the ice to win and that's exactly what they did.  The team turned in an awesome performance with Eddie leading the way.  Lehtinen scored the period's only goal.  In the second period, Arnott scored about midway through the second.  Lehtinen scored with only 16 seconds in the period to give Dallas a commanding lead.  Colorado scored their only goal in the third period by Tanguay.
Game 78:  Dallas..1  at Anaheim..4
After a magnificent game at home, Dallas went to Anaheim in hopes of getting two points to put them in the last playoff spot.  Instead, the team let down their fans, yet again, with apathetic skating and poor defensive plays.  Instead of taking the last playoff spot, Dallas was humiliated and most likely will not make the playoffs especially since Vancouver won their game.  Kjellberg scored early in the first period with Gilchrist following up.  In the second period, Titov scored what would turn out to be the game-winning goal.  Leclerc and Kariya finished off Dallas in the third.  The Gilchrist, Muller, McKay line was the only bright spot of the game.  The entire team looked sluggish and apathetic.  This was a typical game for Dallas this season.
Game 79:  Dallas..0  at Los Angeles..3
Dallas was humiliated again for the second night in a row.  Unfortunately, Eddie looked great and kept his teammates in the game for as long as possible.  This wasn't easy considering in a must-win game, Dallas only had 4 shots on goal in the first period and 2 shots in the second (one of those coming from the neutral zone).  Deadmarsh scored on a power play goal in the first period.  In the third period, Palffy scored on a beautiful play that had all five Stars dazed and confused.  Smolinsky scored on an empty-netter with less than a minute to play.  It's amazing to think that the Stars needed both of these California games to make the playoffs and their combined goal total in those games came to 1.  Way to go Dallas!
Game 79:  at Dallas..4  Minnesota..4 OT
The last two seasons Minnesota has been a tough team for the Stars to beat.  Last night was no different.  Lehtinen scored the game's first goal but towards the end of the period, Gaborik answered back.  In the second period Dallas came alive scoring three goals.  Turgeon scored a power play goal.  Malhotra scored a fluke goal against Fernandez and during the play Manny injured himself (no word as to the extent of the injury).  Sydor scored the only goal against Roloson.  Laaksonen came up with a goal of his own at the midway point of the second period.  In the third period, Dallas fell apart and allowed two goals (Kuba and Brunette).  Eddie started the game, but was pulled once Minnesota scored their 4th goal.  Dallas had a chance in OT to win with a power play.  Instead of pulling Turco to make it a 5-on-3, Wilson allowed Turco to stand in net for 90 seconds of the power play that was strictly in Minnesota's zone.  Wilson then in his wisdom decides to pull Turco with only 20 seconds left in the game.  I guess he wanted the few remaining fans to think he was trying to win the game with this strategy, but if he really wanted to win why didn't he do this on the power play?
Game 80:  at Dallas..3  Chicago..1
Words cannot describe my distaste for the Stars.  Ricky didn't let Eddie play the last home game of the season (not to mention a game against his old team).  Knowing that this would be Eddie's last home appearance in a Stars' jersey and having him sit on the bench was unbearable.  Mr. Hicks will have a pair of season tickets available for next season, because I for one have washed my hands of this organization.  Housley scored in the first on a power play goal.  Zubov tied the game on Dallas' own power play.  In the third period, Lehtinen scored twice. 
Game 81:  Dallas..2  at Colorado..2 OT
Another disappointment set in when Ricky again refused to play Eddie for his last game as a Star.  There was no scoring in the first period.  Sydor scored first for Dallas in the second period.  Tanguay came back in the third with a power play goal at 39 seconds.  Morrow again gave Dallas the lead with a goal off his elbow.  Reinprecht scored with only 3 minutes left in the game to keep the score tied.


Opening night at the new American Airlines Center


Eddie played with his new chrome mask for the first regular season game played in the new American Airlines Center!

making a snow angel.jpg

Eddie makes another spectacular save during his 58th career shutout!


Eddie makes the save and with the win against Edmonton (12/1/01) Eddie sets the franchise record for wins after only four seasons!


Eddie tests another new set of pads this season!




The pad controversy continues...Eddie is back to his old set, but still manages a much needed win for the team!


Eddie helps secure Rick Wilson's first win as head coach!


Eddie has another new set of pads. Maybe these will be keepers!



"Eddie, I thought, was pretty good, especially in the early going," coach Rick Wilson said. "I thought his play around the net was more than decent." (Wow what a vote of confidence)!