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Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour
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What Eddie and others are saying...

"You'd have an easier time sneaking the sun past a rooster than a puck past Belfour tonight." -Daryl Reaugh, Stars' color commentator

"Belfour was like 'One on one baby. Bring it on and I'll knock it down.'" -Daryl Reaugh

"Belfour read that one like a breakfast menu." -Daryl Reaugh

"(In San Jose), Cheering for Belfour is like cheering for foot fungus." -Daryl Reaugh

"I'm a very competitive person and I like to prove people wrong, " Belfour concedes. "I was just born that way. I don't know why, I just can't accept losing." -Eddie

"I'm telling you, I've played professional hockey for 18 years and I've never seen a guy like Eddie. I know goalies are different but if I had to do everything he has to do to get ready for one game, I would have quit 10 years ago." The Great Guy Carbonneau

"Seeing Ed Belfour have expectations higher than anyone else of him shows the kind of competitor he is. I would love to incorporate a high level of professionalism into my game." -Marty Turco

"He's been a superstar goalie for us. Anytime he's in the net we're confident we're going to win. I think Eddie is probably the hardest working goalie in the history of hockey. On a game day he spends probably 10 hours at the rink stretching, warming up, visualizing everything. He is a rink rat." -Brenden Morrow

"I definitely pay attention to all the details, all the little things. Preparation, that's the key for me." -Eddie

"Eddie is a product of a person who came through the minor system and never got anywhere. There's a trust question. When you feel like you've been rejected as many times as him, and you feel like that rejection is there, you're always preparing for the worst case scenerios. What's important is the Eddie feels challenged but not threatened." -Ken Hitchcock

"His focus is his ally. He knows how to handle his body and his brains. Even if there is a night where there are some bad things, then you know his competitive advantage is going to take over." -Ken Hitchcock

"Eddie is like one of those great relief pitchers in baseball who gets the strikeout at the right time. Belfour comes up with the great saves when you need them." -Rick Tocchet

"Off the ice, he's a nice guy, but he's as fierce a competitor as I've ever seen. He'd probably cheat against his own mother to win a game of checkers." -Brett Hull

"I compete at everything. I just love it when people tell me I can't do something...I love proving them wrong." -Eddie

"He's impulsive, he feels strongly about his opinions, he doesn't do things quietly, he does them out in the open. I'll tell you, he talks about being open and honest and always wants you to tell him exactly what you feel. And he practices what he preaches. He'll tell you exactly what he feels." -Jeremy Roenick

"He's demanding of his teammates, he's demanding of himself. He's impulsive and hardheaded. He does things spur of the moment all of the time without ever thinking about them. And there's no other goalie I'd rather have on my team." -Jeremy Roenick

"Some people can be doctors, some people can be lawyers. Ed was born to be a goalie." -Alma Belfour, Eddie's mom

"A lot of people have been against Eddie for not winning the big prize. Eddie has gone on from day one to prove a lot of people wrong. It doesn't matter who he's been up against. He has gone about it his own way: quiet, getting the job done and not getting involved in a lot of things and trying to keep his game simple." -Darryl Sydor after winning the Cup

"Eddie played great. He was solid all the way through the playoffs, and those last couple of games he was great. He would have been a great choice for this [MVP]trophy." -Joe Nieuwendyk after winning the Conn Smythe Trophy

"It was a great year for Eddie. He opened a lot of eyes. He showed people what he's been doing his whole career." -The Great Guy Carbonneau, June 2000

"Eddie was amazing," Brodeur said, victory cigar in hand. "He's the reason it took so long to beat the Dallas Stars. You've got to give these guys a lot of credit for finally putting a puck by that guy." - Martin Brodeur after winning the Cup 2000

"I always want to outplay Eddie but the win is the most important thing for our team." -Patrick "the freak" Roy

"I've always considered myself as good, or better, than Patrick." -Eddie

"Eddie's Better!" -a crowd of 17,001 during game 7 of the Western Conference Finals (2000)

"He's carried this franchise for four years."-Hitchcock

"He's a great competitor and a great athlete. I don't know much about goaltending. But you know when guys are great athletes."- Darryl Sutter

"His determination and his competitiveness is like no one else."- Richard Matvichuk
"I was fortunate enough to play with him for a few years.  He was a big reason we won the Stanley Cup and came close in other years.  I have good memories of playing with Eddie.  He's a good man."-Jamie Langenbrunner
"This is definitely up there.  It's something I feel honored about and I'm thankful that I'm on the Toronto Maple Leafs with a great group of guys who play well in front of me.  I owe it all to them."-Eddie's thoughts on winning his 400th game

"What matters most to me, is how you feel personally about how you've played in the NHL. I know how much I put into winning the Cup and finally accomplishing that goal was very statisfying." -Eddie