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Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour
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Eddie Leaves Dallas

Eddie Deserves Better...

Eddie and Guy

Unfortunately, when a team doesn't win the finger pointing always starts with the man between the pipes.  If you have even casually followed the Stars during Eddie's tenure, you will know that placing the blame on him for the embarrasing season is unjustified.  The team's lack of performance defensively and offensively is only the tip of the iceberg.  Lack of leadership in the locker room, the willingness to put forth an effort every night, and inadequate aquisition of players in the off season and during the season are what the fans had to endure during the 2001-2002 season.


Ed Belfour Dallas Stars Records



 Most wins  146   thru 12/02/01
 Most shutouts by a Stars goaltender  27   thru 12/02/01
 Most assists in a regular season  4  2001-02
 Most minutes played in a regular season  3689  2000-01
 Most wins in regular season  37  1997-98
 Most wins by a goaltender including playoffs  51  1998-99
 Most shutouts in a regular season  9  1997-98
 Longest streak without allowing a goal  219:09   2001
 Lowest regular season goals-against average  1.88  1997-98
 Lowest goals-against-average over 2 seasons   1.93  1997-98 & 1998-99 
 Highest regular season save percentage  .919  1999-00
 Most playoff home wins  9  1999
 Most playoff road wins  7  1999
 Most playoff wins  16  1999
 Most playoff games played  23  1999 & 2000
 Lowest playoff series goals-against-average  0.77  1998
 Lowest playoffs goals-against-average  1.67  1999
 Most shutouts in a playoff series  2  2000
 Most shutouts in a playoff year  4  2000
 Longest playoff shutout streak  164:35   2000

Not only did Eddie eclipse the Stars franchise record for wins by a goaltender, but he did it in quick fashion. Check out how Ed's numbers compare.  

Goalie  Games  


 Ed Belfour  268   147 
 Cesare Maniago   420   145 
 Gilles Meloche  327   141 
 Jon Casey  325   128 
 Don Beaupre  316   126 

Eddie's legacy will live on in Dallas for years to come.  He will be sorely missed by any true hockey fan who appreciates his love for the game, the passion that he brought to the ice, and the numerous banners hanging on the rafters at AAC.