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Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour
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Eddie's Playoff Action 2001 (cont'd.)

Round 2...

Game 1 April 27 St. Louis at Dallas 2-4

Game 2 April 29 St. Louis at Dallas 1-2

Game 3 May 1 Dallas at St. Louis 2-3 OT

Game 4 May 3 Dallas at St. Louis 1-4

A hint to the coaching staff and to the Stars' players: When you need to win a must-win game....
1) Don't coast on any lead


After an emotional series against Edmonton, Dallas was not mentally prepared to take on a much stronger St. Louis team. The Stars played like they did in regular season allowing their opponents endless unforced turnovers in their defensive zone. St. Louis scored 6 goals within the first two games of the series and 5 of these goals could have had a Stars' player credited with an assist. After dropping the first two games on home ice, the Stars had to win games 3 and 4. The Stars played much too conservatively and simply would not shoot at the net. During games 3 and 4 we came out strong but after 30 minutes we would simply give up. St. Louis took advantage of the Stars not playing up to their potential and silenced us in a series sweep, without having to really work for it!

When you are playing well but still lose, it is especially tough. Eddie came up with some huge saves, but without any offensive help (and with sloppy defensive play), he was simply outnumbered! Matty made some huge blocks and Hatcher made some great plays, however there are more than 2 defensive players on a team!