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Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour
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Reunion Arena Memories


Eddie's favorite memories...

Winning Game 7 vs. Colorado in 1999 on our way to winning the Cup

"We played one of our best games of the playoffs. Mike Keane's goal in the second period was huge. The fans after the game just went crazy. It was a great feeling. Having the fans behind us on home ice made it tough for other teams."

Winning Game 7 vs. Colorado in 2000 in defense of the Cup

"It had all the drama. We were the underdogs in most peoples' minds and our backs were against the wall. Game seven back in Dallas in front of our fans gave us the edge. The fans really got into it and the support I personally got from the fans that night was something I'll always remember."

The banner raising ceremony to kick off the 1999-2000 season

"They had all the trophies there lined up along the blueline--the Jennings, the Campbell Bowl, the Stanley Cup, the President's Trophy, and the Conn Smythe Trophy and then the banners were raised up to the rafters. I got a real sense of accomplishment being a part of all those awards."

The rally after the Cup parade

"It was unbelievable. I think that is the loudest I've heard a crowd in Reunion. We never got to skate the Cup that year on home ice, because we won in Buffalo, but the rally that the city had for us after winning the Cup made up for it. It was awesome. We all had our chance with the Cup in front of our fans. Sharing that experience with family and friends amongst all the fans was definitely a highlight for me."

The U2 Concert

"It was awesome. I've seen them live before, but last night was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I had a great time. U2 put on a great show."

My favorite memories...

2000 Western Conference Finals...Game 7

*Hearing the crowd chant "Eddie's Better" for the first time against the AVS was great.
*The great Guy Carbonneau making fun of me in the stands during the pregame warmup (Guy laughed at me while I was in a hypnotic state watching Eddie during his stretching routine).
*Guy skating over to me at the end of the game to celebrate the win before congratulating the team!

2000 Finals --Game 6

*After the crowd was initially silenced on the winning goal and Eddie skates over to the bench, the crowd spontaneously starts cheering "Eddie, Eddie" for the great effort during the entire season.
*Seeing Guy skate off the ice for the last time and knowing I was there to witness one of the classiest men in hockey play his last NHL game.

Pregame Ceremony when Montreal comes to town

*The team honored former players of the Cup-winning team (Ludwig, Chambers, Skrudland, and Carbonneau).

2000-2001 Season Opener with the AVS

*Tormenting Patrick "the Freak" Roy as he leaves the ice after each period is always a good time!
*Getting into a yelling match after the game with Scott Parker because I was being mean to his head-bobbing goaltender!

The best seat to watch the game... Section 210 Row A Seat 3.

*It seemed that in that seat you controlled the entire arena. I had a perfect view of Eddie, the bench, and the entire ice surface.

The best seat to watch Eddie and heckle the visiting team... Section 107 Row AA Seat 1.

*In this seat you could stare at Eddie in net during the first and third period. This seat was also at the tunnel where the opposing team would enter and leave the ice. It was especially fun when someone I hated came to town. I would be able to heckle them at each intermission and after the game. The only downside to this seat was that with Eddie so close, there was no way to really concentrate on the rest of the game.