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Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour
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Eddie's Playoff Action (2003)

The Road to the CUP


Game 1.  Toronto beat Philadelphia 5-3.  Although the Leafs won, the game was definitely in the Flyers' favor.  Toronto had their usual penalties, lack of defense, and lack of shots on goal.  Mogilny started the scoring on a shorthanded goal.  Weinrich scored at the end of a power play to tie the game.  Mogilny scored his second goal of the night with 8 minutes left in the opening frame.  In the second period, Domi scored on an unassisted in the early minutes.  Brashear and Desjardins scored immediately after to make it a 3-3 game.  Renberg scored a power play goal with 6 minutes left in the game for the game-winning goal.  Mogilny scored a hat trick on an empty net in the final minute.  Eddie faced 31 shots.  Cechmanek faced 14 shots.  Both Antropov and Tucker left the game due to injuries.  Antropov won't be back until next season.  There is no word on Tucker.
Game 2.  Another sorry performance by Toronto led to their first loss of the series, 4-1.  Gagne started the scoring on an unassisted, shorthanded goal.  Roenick scored the game winner late in the period.  Mogilny scored the lone goal for Toronto early in the second.  Recchi and Leclair (pp) scored the first half of the period to put the game away.  There was no scoring in the third.  Eddie faced 36 shots while Cechmanek had another quiet game only facing  17 shots.
Game 3.  Toronto picked up the pace for the 4-3 double-overtime win.  Toronto started off slow with Weinrich and Desjardins scoring early in the first.  Reichel answered back within a minute of the second goal to stop some of the bleeding.  Toronto looked much stronger in the second with Kaberle scoring an early goal (pp).  Mogilny scored another goal late in the period for Toronto's first lead of the game.  In the third, Recchi scored early in the period to tie the game.  The winning goal came by Kaberle in the second OT (just after Mogilny received a high stick and was barely able to make it to the tunnel with the help of three others).  Eddie faced 39 shots while Cechmanek faced 41 shots.
Game 4.  Philadelphia dominated the game for the fourth time in the series, winning in triple OT 3-2.  Although Eddie faced 75 shots to Cechmanek's 38 shots, Eddie's three goals were weak.  Recchi scored after the first minute of play.  Green (his first game back from injury) scored a shorthanded goal a few minutes later to tie the game.  In the second period, Roenick scored in the first minute of play.  Early in the third period, Sundin scored a power play goal to tie the game in regulation.  At the end of regulation, the Flyers had 37 shots on goal and the Leafs had only 10.  Late in the third OT, Recchi scored his second goal of the night to put the Leafs out of their misery.  This game will probably be a turning point in the series.  If the Leafs don't start dominating a game, they will be having a very long summer.
Game 5.  After losing game 4, Toronto looked lifeless in their 4-1 loss.  Berg scored the lone goal for Toronto in the first minutes of the game.  After several missed opportunities, Toronto quieted down and became less and less of a factor in the game.  Kapanen scored a power play goal and Yushkevich scored the game winner in the first period.  Gagne scored midway through the second period.  Kapanen scored his second power play goal in the third.  Eddie faced 29 shots and Cechmaneck faced 23 shots.  If Toronto doesn't make a commit to defense and pucks Cechmaneck's way, Game 6 will end the Leafs' season.
Game 6.  Fighting through elimination, Toronto came up big in the 2-1 double overtime winner.  This was the first game of the series in which Toronto looked like they were ready for playoff action.  Reichel scored the first goal in the game midway through the first frame on a beautifully placed shot over Cechmanek's shoulder as the goalie attempted to reach for his glove off the ice.  Roenick scored the lone goal in the second to tie the game 1-1.  There was no scoring in the third period.  In the first period of overtime, Toronto came out blazing, but couldn't get most of their shots on goal.  Midway through the second OT, Green scored to give Toronto the win.  Eddie and Cechmanek both faced 36 shots.  This was Eddie's strongest game in the series.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE!
Game 7.  From the drop of the puck, Toronto was a step behind Philadelphia as the Flyers rolled over Toronto 6-1.  Gagne and Williams scored the two late first period goals.  In the second, Primeau is credited with the third goal.  However, it was really a shot by Mogilny that went through Eddie's legs for the goal.  Roberts got Toronto's lone goal of the game.  Recchi scored the next two goals for Philly, the second goal being on the power play.  Lapointe finished off Toronto in the third with a goal of his own.  Eddie faced 36 shots, while Cechmaneck only faced 19 shots.  Toronto finally put an end to their dismal season with numerous penalties, lack of offense, and don't forget those defensive blunders.  Better luck next season, you'll need it!

Eddie's first game as a Leaf
Eddie records his 59th shut out






Although the Series went to 7 games, Toronto was out-played, out-muscled, and out-smarted for 6 of the games.  Even though Toronto was able to pull off some wins which they didn't deserve, when it came down to the deciding game the better, more talented, and more disciplined team prevailed.  This is what should happen in the playoffs.  It hurts when EDDIE happens to be on the losing side, but Toronto did not deserve the series win and acted as if they didn't really want it.  When all is said and done, it comes down to discipline, desire, and skill.  Toronto lacked the discipline, lacked the desire, and could not match the overall skill of Philly.  Game 7 and the meltdown that we witnessed was a snapshot of the Leafs' regular season.  You would think that since I proclaim to be EDDIE'S biggest fan that after the lose I would have been heartbroken.  Sorry, but after the first minutes of the game I knew Toronto was destined to lose in a big way.  After the Mogilny goal against Eddie the meltdown was inevitable.  Even Eddie who remained a calming influence over the team in regular season, lost his composure.  I think for Eddie it was long overdue and for the rest of the team, it was business as usual.  I hope Toronto rebuilds this summer and reflects on a few simple truths.  1.  You can't win games if you simply pass the puck.  You must shoot at the net.  2.  Defense wins games.  Systems win Cups.  3.  They don't call it a penalty kill for nothing.  The more penalties you take, the less chance you have to score.